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Discover the passion of making music with Amy Norman. Develop the technical skills to express yourself musically, find the repertoire that speaks to you, and explore the ways in which being a pianist involves your whole mind and body.


Amy is a patient teacher with over 20 year’s experience teaching and performing repertoire from a variety of genres including classical, jazz, bossa nova, and rock. Tonewood Studio is located in the Inner Richmond District.

Mitchell performing "Prelude No. 2 in C minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach

"Amy is an incredibly kind and patient teacher with a true passion for music. This was my first time learning piano as an adult, something I've always wanted to do as a hobby, and I was nervous about it. Amy structures each lesson in a way that is approachable, fun and you learn a lot! I dove quickly into the material and was playing faster than I imagined. My lessons are completely remote, but I feel as though we're in the same room together. Amy has a great video set up and guided me on getting audio equipment to make the most of our lessons. She also has an amazing ear and is able to provide great feedback and corrections, including proper posture and finger strengthening exercises. I highly recommend her as a teacher!"

- Kenia Rosete

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