Performances make studying piano more exciting! They give students a sense of accomplishment for all of their hard work and help to develop life skills such as focusing under pressure.  

Since performances also motivate students to practice regularly, participation in all recitals is encouraged.


Spring Recital
The spring recital is every year in May. At the recital, students perform for their peers and family members in either a concert hall or church sanctuary on a grand piano. All music should be memorized.


Studio Practice Recitals
This an opportunity to perform works in progress for peers and to hone performance skills in a less formal setting at Tonewood Studio. Students collaborate with one another on duets, accompany other students, and/or participate in improvization sessions.


Recital Schedule
Spring Recital: date tentative


Recital Fees
Semester Recital: $100 per student
Studio Practice Recitals: $55 per student  


Greyson performing "Joy to the World"
Max performing "Solfeggio"
Rosie performing "Melancholy, Lyric Piece Op. 47, No. 5